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Clear Exterior Wall Coatings

Our clear wall coating system has been developed utilising the latest Nano technology. It provides a protective and thermal barrier to both stone and brick properties by sealing the external face of the building whilst still allowing it to breath. Feel free to contact us for any Damp Solutions.

The protective coating penetrates the external fabric of the building up to 17mm and forms a water-resistant barrier. This prolongs the life of your brick and stone work, increasing the thermal value of your home.


As stone and brick is porous this means that moisture is absorbed into the external fabric of your home when it rains.  If the property has no cavity or the cavity has been filled with insulation or rubble, then this creates a thermal bridge that pulls heat from your home.

Our clear wall coating eliminates the penetration of moisture so that no thermal bridging can take place. This can save 29% on the energy required to heat your home whilst still allowing your home to breath due to the Nano technology that passes air but not moisture.


An exterior wall coating like this is also able to resistant to algae and mould and able to provide a damp proofing solution that’s effective and durable. There are so many benefits of clear exterior wall coating:

Stops Penetrating Damp

Our clear wall coatings are 100% waterproof, meaning that your property is completely protected against penetrative damp and the elements. Penetrating damp in the walls of your property is very costly, so protect your home now before it arises.


Mould and Algae Resistant

By preventing damp from entering the exterior surfaces of your building, you won’t have to worry about the development of algae and mould. All of our exterior wall coatings are resistant to both mould and as our wall coatings are micro porous, meaning that the walls of your building or home will be able to breathe.


Clear wall coatings are incredibly robust and does not chip, crack, blister or peel, even in climates that are constantly changing. Our clear wall coatings mean that your property is protected 365 days a year, no matter what conditions it faces.

Insulate your home

Due to the clear layer applied to the outside of your home, exterior wall coatings acts as a barrier on your property. With the extra layer of protection on your home, you will most likely find that your central heating system doesn’t need to pump out as much heat in the cold winter months, as your home is now equipped to keep as much heat in as possible.


Maintenance free

Clear wall coatings are completely maintenance free after they have been installed. As the materials coating the property are made of are strong, versatile and microporous material, meaning no maintenance is required to keep the exterior of your home in great condition.

Adds Value to Your Property

Because of these benefits and more, a wall coating adds more value to any property, so it’s a wise investment that can pay for itself in the long run when you sell your property.


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We have a wide choice of colours and wall coating options to suit both your taste and property style.

Our services utilise the latest advanced techniques in coloured exterior polymer render, fibreglass render and wall coatings from Fibrocem. So if your home is in need of a facelift or makeover contact us to provide a very effective maintenance free exterior render solution which will add value to your property, be highly weather resistant as well as heat retentive. We are so confident of our product that we provide a 15 year guarantee on all our projects we undertake.

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