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Enhance your home’s insulation with External Wall Insulation in Bradford. Ideal for older and modern properties where traditional cavity wall insulation isn’t an option, this advanced solution ensures energy efficiency.

Professional External Wall Insulation Bradford

Solid-walled properties pose a unique insulation challenge, as they cannot receive the standard cavity wall treatment. In these situations, the optimal solution is external wall insulation.

But it’s not just older homes that benefit from this advanced method. Even in newer constructions where cavity wall insulation is possible, external insulation in Bradford offers superior financial advantages. By choosing this approach, homeowners can significantly reduce their energy bills and improve their property’s overall energy efficiency. Don’t miss out on the cost-saving benefits of external wall insulation for your Bradford home.

Efficient property insulation can be a game-changer for curbing heating expenses, ensuring your home stays cozy year-round. When entrusted to skilled professionals, the benefits are even greater. It’s worth noting that solid walls allow nearly twice as much cold air infiltration compared to cavity walls. If you’re considering external wall insulation in Bradford, we’re here to assist you. Contact us today to enhance your home’s insulation and energy efficiency.


How does external wall insulation in Bradford work?

External wall insulation (EWI) functions similarly to cavity wall insulation, effectively preventing heat loss through your walls. However, EWI distinguishes itself by employing rigid insulation material, such as polystyrene slabs, securely attached to your property’s exterior. These slabs contain thousands of trapped air pockets, rendering them exceptionally efficient insulators. Additionally, their malleability allows for precise fitting around windows, door frames, and various architectural elements, ensuring comprehensive insulation coverage.


Our external wall insulation (EWI) system relies on sturdy fixing anchors that are securely drilled into your existing walls. These anchors serve as a foundation for the subsequent layers. A layer of reinforcing mortar is applied, followed by the application of a durable glass fibre mesh that, once dry, provides structural integrity to the insulation system. To complete the transformation, a primer layer is applied, followed by the final render, leaving your house not only well-insulated but with a fresh, revitalized appearance, arguably better than new!

How is external wall insulation installed?

When it comes to applying external wall insulation in Bradford, it’s a job best left to the experts. At Rendacoat, we excel in this specialized craft. Our skilled professionals meticulously secure a layer of top-quality insulating material to your property’s walls, utilizing robust mechanical fixings. This is followed by the application of protective layers of render, ensuring your investment in insulation is not just effective but also beautifully finished.


When assessing your wall’s suitability for insulation, we consider its strength. If your wall can support the insulating material effectively, we’ll install it directly. However, if the existing render shows signs of age and cracks, our experts may recommend its removal to ensure a solid foundation for the insulation application.


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