External Wall Insulation

Wanting to insulate your home? External wall insulation is an advanced solution which significantly improve homes insulation. It is ideal for older homes where cavity wall insulation is not an option, as well as more modern properties.

Properties that were constructed with solid walls cannot be injected with insulation, like with cavity walls, therefore insulation needs to be added onto the outside of the property instead of within the walls. However, even if cavity wall insulation is an option in newer properties, the results are not as financially beneficial to the bill payer as external wall insulation.

Insulating your property efficiently can seriously help to reduce heating costs in your home by maintaining home temperatures, especially when installed by professionals. After all, solid walls let through almost twice as much cold air as cavity walls.


How does external wall insulation work?

Similar to cavity wall insulation, external wall insulation (EWI) creates a barrier that stops heat escaping through your walls. Unlike cavity wall insulation and loft insulation however, EWI uses a rigid insulation material, polystyrene slabs, that are adhered to the walls of the property. Expanded polystyrene contains thousands of trapped air pockets, which makes it an extremely good insulator. It is also easy to cut to into shape, meaning it can fit neatly around windows, door frames and other architectural features.


The slabs are held in place with fixing anchors which are drilled into the existing walls, and then covered with a layer of reinforcing mortar. This is covered with a glass fibre mesh, which when dry gives the insulation system its structural strength. Finally, a primer layer followed by the render go on, making the house look as good as new, or dare we say it, even better than new!

How is external wall insulation installed?

Applying external wall installation to a property isn’t easy, that’s why it is important to get an expert on the job. At Rendacoat we will fix a layer of insulating material to the wall, using mechanical fixings, and then cover it with protective layers of render.


If the surface of your wall is strong enough to support the insulating material, we can fit the insulation direct to your wall. However, if the existing render is old and cracked it may need to be removed.


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External wall insulation has some great benefits

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