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Wall Rendering in Huddersfield

What are the Benefits of Rendacoat Exterior Wall Coating in Huddersfield?

Rendacoat Exterior Wall Coating brings a host of advantages to Huddersfield homeowners. Our specialised coating acts as a robust barrier against the elements, ensuring longevity, reducing maintenance expenses, and preventing algae and fungal growth. With a wide range of colours and textures, you can personalise your property’s look, boosting its curb appeal. Beyond aesthetics, our coatings enhance energy efficiency, resulting in lower heating expenses and a reduced environmental footprint. We back our quality with a solid 15-year guarantee, emphasising long-term protection for your Huddersfield property. When you choose Rendacoat, you’re opting for a comprehensive solution that seamlessly combines aesthetics, durability, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

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Wall rendering is what we do best.

We at rendacoat.co.uk specialise in the application of exterior wall rendering & protective wallcoatings.

Exterior Wall Rendering in Huddersfield


Do you require external rendering services Huddersfield area? If so then look no further than us. Rendacoat, based in West Yorkshire, provide a wide range of rendering and wall coating services and use the most up to date systems and techniques available to ensure your property is protected no matter what the weather throws at your building.

Why Choose Rendacoat?

  • Reputation for high quality
  • More than 15 years experience
  • 15 year guarantee on all work
  • Competitive prices
  • Free estimates and consultation
  • Professional and friendly advice

We offer a wide choice of external property rendering services and specialise in:

  • Green deal and eco external wall insulation installs
  • True colour renders with a choice of colours and finishes
  • Long lasting, maintenance free render solutions
  • Fully insulated external rendering systems

Our clients can expect an unrivalled service from our expert staff, we are always on hand to offer technical support and advice whatever the scale or condition of the project.
We will take you through the variety of options available from different manufacturers to suit your project budget.

With over 15 years’ experience in the building and wall coating industry, we pride ourselves in the professional application of our wall coatings service. Whatever your rendering needs may be, we are happy to discuss your requirements and give you our professional friendly advice.

For friendly, professional services along with competitive rates, look no further than Rendacoat.


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We have a wide choice of colours and wall coating options to suit both your taste and property style.

Our services utilise the latest advanced techniques in coloured exterior polymer render, fibreglass render and wall coatings from Fibrocem. So if your home is in need of a facelift or makeover contact us to provide a very effective maintenance free exterior render solution which will add value to your property, be highly weather resistant as well as heat retentive. We are so confident of our product that we provide a 15 year guarantee on all our projects we undertake.

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What are the three types of rendering?

In Huddersfield, UK, there are three common types of rendering for exterior walls, each with its unique characteristics:

Sand and Cement Rendering: This traditional method in Huddersfield involves mixing sand and cement with water to create a durable and cost-effective render. It can be applied in various textures and is often painted after drying.

Through-Colour Rendering: Through-colour rendering, also known as monocouche rendering, is pre-coloured rendering material in Huddersfield. It doesn’t require painting as the colour remains consistent throughout the thickness of the render. It’s a popular choice for its low maintenance and appealing appearance.

Acrylic Rendering: Acrylic rendering utilizes acrylic-based renders that are flexible and resistant to cracking in Huddersfield. They come pre-mixed with a range of colours and can be either textured or smooth. Acrylic renders are known for their weather resistance and long-lasting durability.

The choice of rendering type often depends on factors such as budget, desired finish, and maintenance preferences, allowing homeowners in Huddersfield to select the option that best suits their needs.


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Does rendering stop damp in Huddersfield?

In Huddersfield, as in many parts of the UK, rendering can play a role in minimizing the risk of damp issues. It offers an additional protective layer to a property’s exterior walls, which can help mitigate moisture-related problems. However, it’s crucial to recognize that rendering alone may not completely resolve damp issues, especially if the root causes are not addressed. Here are some important considerations:

Rain Protection: Rendering serves as a barrier against rainwater penetration. In regions like Huddersfield with a fair share of rainfall, this barrier can be vital in preventing moisture from infiltrating the walls.

Crack Prevention: Properly applied rendering can effectively seal any cracks or gaps in the exterior walls, reducing the likelihood of water seepage through these openings.

Enhancing Wall Breathability: Certain modern rendering options, such as breathable renders, allow moisture to escape from the walls while repelling external moisture. This promotes balanced moisture levels within the walls, contributing to a healthier living environment.

While rendering can be a valuable component of damp prevention in Huddersfield, addressing underlying issues like damaged damp-proof courses or poor drainage is equally important for a comprehensive damp mitigation strategy.

Why Choose Us

We provide a high quality service to home owners as well as commercial premises in Yorkshire and the surrounding areas. We have a quick, reliable and hard working workforce with friendly staff who commit themselves to supplying a first class service at a competitive price.

Qualified Experts

Based in West Yorkshire and with over 15 years experience in the building and wall coating industry, we pride ourselves in the professional application of our wall coatings service.

15 year guarantee

The rendacoat wallcoating service is ideal for homeowners wishing to eliminate the constant need to re-paint and protect their homes. Eliminating costly repair and decorative bills. Our wallcoating services are backed by a 15 year guarantee that gives you, the home owner, a cost effective and protective solution to your home.

Fibrocem Pliolite coating

The Rendacoat treatment is a highly durable Fibrocem Pliolite coating. Pliolite resin is the integral ingredient of the coating and thus ensures a high degree of water repellancy to the coating surface whilst allowing vapours to pass through the coating wall and allowing the substrate to breathe. It is formulated for exterior applications such as brickwork, concrete and roughcast surfaces. It also ensures a smooth matt finish that adheres to painted surfaces.

Finance Available

Rendacoat LTD now offering finance packages For more information on the finance options available to you, please contact us.
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Low Maintenance And High Durability

Our services utilise the latest advanced techniques in coloured exterior polymer render, fibreglass render and wall coatings from Fibrocem.

Variable finishes to suit both your taste and your budget

The wallcoatings are specifically designed for the homeowner on a budget. Allowing them a maintenance free solution to traditional painting that also helps decorate, protect, waterproof and add value to your home whatever the current condition of the exterior wall surface.

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