Application Process


First Stage Cleaning and Check

Firstly, painted walls need to be thoroughly cleaned down. All walls will then have to be scarred to provide a strong “key” for the rendacoat application. For badly scarred and extremely poor surfaces, our heavy duty rendering coats are required. We only apply the system after we have removed all of the offending surfaces back to the bare wall substrate. Using hand tools or plant hammer equipment, We remove all existing hollow/porous surfaces from the property walls. We then mask all doors, windows, fascias, guttering, soffitt boards, patios, greenary such as plants and flowers and any other items where protection is necessary.


The Application Process

Scaffolding will be erected where necessary although ladders will be used in most circumstances. We then clean down the wall substrate, either by wire brushing or power wash using Bio – wash to clean any algae, moss, fungi or any other possible contaminates on the wall surfaces. Trowel apply (2 or 3 coats) of our reinforced render to wall elevations. The top coat is trowel applied which is the coloured render of your choice. This can be either a flat or textured finish.Note: It is important to have a texture grade finish when repairs are completed, to remove any scars on the wall surfaces.


Site Clean Down

The removal of the masking tape / paper and the thorough clean down of the site to make as clean and tidy as found originally. A Skip will be required to remove the waste and rubble from the site


Final Inspections

After this whole process is completed, you would be walked around your newly protected home with the installation crew. Once you are fully satisfied, we ask you to complete a satisfaction survey.